Today is a special day in the Yogic, Tantric and Ayurvedic Traditions: It is the first day of Navratri or Maha Navaratri , one of the most important Hindu Festival, symbolising the triumph of good over evil, celebrating the Divine Mother in all of Her forms.

It is considered a time to worship the auspicious  Godesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, who are representing the three different manifestations of Shakti (universal power or cosmic energy).

Navratri lasts 9 days : On the first three days, prayers and worships focus on Durga, who destroys all  impurities, old patterns, anything which no longer serves one’s highest potential. The next three days, Lakshmi is celebrated and worshipped to empower  spiritual wealth, health, abundance and prosperity. The final three days, worships and prayers turn onto Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning.

Even though I don’t consider myself a hindu, I like to honor the traditions and celebrate this in my practice, on and off the mat, expressing gratefulness to the Divine Mother: the expression of God, the Universe,  the supreme Creator, with whom I resonate the most.

I like to see Navratri  as an auspicious time to celebrate the Divinity inside each of us, the Sacred Feminine, which empowers our inspiration, our creativity, and our natural healing power. So, for the next 9 days, my self-practice will become a little bit more devotional : On the mat, my asanas (postures) become more like a moving prayer, incorporating  a bit more chanting, Pranayama and  Meditation. The whole practice become a ritual (Puja), an offering to the Divine. Outside the mat, Navratri is the time to acknowledge and celebrate all the wonderful women in our lives.

So on this first day of Navratri, on this special New Moon, auspicious to new beginnings, let it be a time of inner-exploration, a time of reflection on how we can empower our practice, fuel our meditation and come closer to our Divine potential. How can we best embody our goddess energy in this lifetime? What do we need to let go, what are those old habits that no longer serve our purpose? How can we declutter our mind, our body and our home so that we create space for new energy, new opportunities ? Let it be a time to celebrate and share the fruits of our seeking and reflections with the other amazing women in our lives, little spark of goddesses in disguise.