Doing yoga in the office can be a lot of fun, innovative and relaxing, with many long term benefits. Prolonged work hours on the computer strain the neck, shoulders and back muscles, which leads to tension and stiffness. This can also affect the digestive system and sleeping pattern. Using specific postures, breath and relaxation techniques, Yoga can make an amazing difference to improve the health and well-being. It also increases the power of concentration and clarity of mind, making  your staff more efficient in the office and more relaxed at home.

If you wish to contribute to your staff health and well-being, increase the level of efficiency and reduce sickness days in the office, Yoga can make an amazing difference. This can take place in a meeting room or quiet area around.

Incentive vouchers available – Surprise and treat your hard working staff to  yoga session(s).  If your team feels good and energised, they will have more energy to achieve  their goals and will feel good about it. A great way to boost  the team’s spirit !

Please give at least twenty-four hours notice if you wish to cancel, change or move an appointment. If an appointment is cancelled/changed or moved with less than twenty-four hours notice, the full fee will be charged for the original appointment.