Home-made immune booster potCalling all white witches this weekend :-)))… Park your broomstick and get your magic wand out for this homemade potion !
If you enjoy making your own natural remedy, this is one of my favourite to help clear cold & flu symptoms, soothe sore throat and boost the immune system :

  • 2 lemon juiced and a few sliced rings,
  • freshly squeezed ginger,
  • raw or Manuka honey,
  • 1 good dessert spoon of cinnamon,
  • 1 spoon of tumeric powder (or even better 1 crushed fresh tumeric root )
  • a pinch of organic cayenne pepper (usually, the redder it is the better).

The tumeric anti-inflammatory properties are activated by the cayenne pepper (also a natural anti-inflammatory and immune booster). This  home-made natural remedy can be kept for months in the fridge, although it might not last that long as it tastes rather delicious…  I like to eat a couple of spoons pure or diluted in teas or with warm almond milk.

Happy Halloween everyone !