Today, after indulging a few good meals at the weekend, I felt like a healthy cleansing green smoothie. I have added two energy boosters : some maca powder (which is  supposed to be great for hormone balance), and a big spoon of chia seeds (also great for digestion).

1 handful of organic spinach
1 organic celery stalk
a slice of a juicy melon
a couple of slice of pineapple
a couple of fresh mint sprigs
a quarter of organic lime
a tea spoon of Maca powder
a big soup spoon of chia seeds
Add 1/2 a glass of water or coconut water  and blend the above ingredients.

Optional : if you wish to add a bit of sweetness, add a spoon of raw honey or a medjool date.

Sit back, sip slowly and enjoy the feeling of freshness !