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As the cold days settle and with less sunlight,  I feel the need to boost my immune system and build up Ojas (essential energy of the body / sap of one’s life energy) , detox and restore deep inside…

So, I make my Yoga practice more nurturing, with a bit more forward bends and twists, holding the postures longer. I also allow more time for deep relaxation, with long Savasana at the end of practice or even better, indulge in the most “delicious” Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep with a slight trace of awareness – see my FAQ section to read more about Yoga Nidra). In addition, I also look at my diet and eat more warm hearty food, with plenty of ginger, garlic and a pinch of cayenne pepper here and there.

Lately, a friend has introduced me to the many benefits of Chlorophyll and it has become one of my favourite nutrients to mix with water and drink throughout the day.
Apparently, its molecular structure is almost identical to haemoglobin except for the centre atom: In haemoglobin this is iron, whereas in chlorophyll it is magnesium. As a result, Liquid chlorophyll (or “plant blood”) helps to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, boosting our energy and increasing our wellbeing almost instantly. It is very alkaline and has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level. I love drinking it first thing in the morning, mixed in a cup of lukewarm water and after practicing Yoga. It makes me feel even more energised and ready to get on with my day.

Looking into it, it appears that other Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits include :

Anti Carcinogenic: Chlorophyll protects against a whole host of carcinogens found in fungus-laden foods such as grains. It blocks the metabolism in the body of harmful chemicals known as pro-carcinogens that damage DNA.

Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory: containing high levels of the vitamins A, C and E, liquid chlorophyll has strong antioxidant capacity and has also been found to help reduce inflammation.

Chlorophyll and Heavy Metals: chlorophyll has a particular way to bind to and remove toxic heavy metals such as mercury makes it an extremely powerful healer.

Anti-Candida: recent research has also shown that chlorophyll is effective in fighting Candida albicans (an opportunistic fungus – or form of yeast- that is the cause of many undesirable symptoms ranging from fatigue and weight gain, to joint pain and gas), thanks to its highly alkaline properties.

Get rid of Bad Breath : Chlorophyll has a double-action remedy for bad breath. Firstly, as a deodoriser, it will eliminate odours in the mouth and throat, but secondly (and more importantly) it promotes a healthy digestive tract – which is the primary reason for bad breath. in addition to keeping a healthy and balanced diet, I also like cleaning my tongue with a cloth after brushing my teeth in the morning ( an effective Yogic/Ayurvedic cleansing ritual).

Wound Healing & Antiseptic: while liquid chlorophyll doesn’t actually have antiseptic properties of its own, it remarkably seems to have the ability to aid our body’s tissue in destroying germs. By strengthening tissue, it increases the disease resistance of cells and, at the same time, prevents the growth of bacteria! Research apparently also suggests that chlorophyll greatly assists in wound healing and prevention of reinfection.

A good source of Magnesium: chlorophyll is rich in magnesium, which is a highly alkaline mineral and so consuming chlorophyll rich foods has a highly alkalising effect on the body. Magnesium is very important as it helps to deliver much needed oxygen to cells and tissues, bone formation, nerve and muscle function. Magnesium is most important for our cardiovascular system, digestive system, nervous system, muscles, kidneys, liver, hormone-secreting glands, and brain.

A good source of vitamin K, C, folic acid, iron, calcium, protein: which are all also essential in building and repairing red blood cells and boosting our immune system.

So the first step is to add plenty of good organic green vegetables to your food, juices and smoothies. If you wish to take it to another level, in a more concentrated way, I like the Liquid Chlorophyll from Nature’s Sunshine which is really pleasant in taste (no strong minty taste, more of a fresh herbal natural flavour). I usually add a few drops to water, juices or smoothie

When I was a child, my immune system was not so good and I used to develop cold and flu every so often. At that time, I was regularly prescribed a course of antibiotics and as a result, it affected my immune system/ natural resistance and my digestive system (food absorption and elimination). So, in my twenties, I became more and more interested in natural remedies and alternative ways to strengthen my immune system, boost my energy levels…Hence, another reason why I also decided to explore the Yogic path…. It is trully amazing to observe how much is available in  Mother Nature when we take the time to investigate, and I love to share what works for me. So, see how green suits your diet  ;-). Enjoy !

You can read more about the liquid chlorophyll and order it from : http://www.onlygoodhealth.co.uk/liquid_chlorophyll_%28473ml%29