This page provides a few testimonials from the lovely students who have been practicing with me . My students remind me that I am an eternal student, always keen to learn more about their bodies, their minds and the beautiful traditions of Hatha Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda. Thank you to all of you, I feel humbled and honored to teach you. As Richard Bach quotes : “Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know it just as well as you. You are all learners, doers, teachers.”


“I think of those precious classes with you at Evolve so fondly. What an oasis of calm and beauty you held in that fast pace city… the first real connection I found with a yoga teacher all those years ago, someone who invested in and supported your students in a way I hadn’t experienced before. What a gift. “

– Emily, broadcaster & voice artist


” I started yoga on a one to one basis with Berenice, I was in my mid- 40s and did not feel group classes would be appropriate to start. How right was I! Berenice is the best teacher ever. She has a deep knowledge of yoga at all levels and really tailors the class according to your needs and abilities. Thanks to Berenice i have started a beautiful journey, which i pursue with great passion – If you’re looking for a kind, patient, understanding, knowledgeable yoga practitioner/teacher, look no further.”

-Mireille, Mother of 3, aromatherapist and kinesiologist


“I have been attending Berenice’s classes for more than two years at Evolve. They have been very special, grounding interludes in the midst of the business of ordinary daily life and have become a source of comfort.  Berenice has such a soft, gentle presence in the class and I value her teaching and guidance. She takes the time to connect with her students and the individual support she offers is deeply appreciated. My yoga practice has certainly been enriched by attending Berenice’s classes.”

– Ayesha, Speech & Language Therapist


“Berenice is a nurturing, patient and generous person, who has inspired me to explore myself and my world through Yoga. I have discovered a whole new approach to well-being  both physical and mental, that has me breathing deeply instead of, say, reaching for the pain killers. I am more flexible and energised than I think I’ve ever been. Thank you for a very inspiring experience.”

 – Robert Paul, Showroom Manager


“I came to Berenice at a time of great personal difficulty, when I was suffering stress related heart pains, and with no previous experience of yoga. Berenice has a clear, gentle and sympathetic approach. She tailored the session to my needs and ability with great care and was able to outline the health benefits of each posture. Berenice outlined simple exercises to do at moments of stress, and these were highly effective in helping me to manage both the pain and the anxiety it created.  The work with Berenice brought me to a sense of serenity and calm, giving me tools to recreate this peace in my own time. I highly recommend Berenice as a private yoga coach.”

– Kathryn Hamilton-Hall Actor


Berenice has shown me that I can continue practicing yoga even with a knee injury – she has taken great care with me, taught me adjustments so that I can complete a full class and even provided me with some special knee focused stretches to do at home. She also has the most relaxing voice for shavasana and guided meditation, blissful!!

– Jude, Business Analyst


I would really like to thank Berenice for being a kind, generous and inspirational teacher who really listens to her pupils.  She always takes care to find out if any pupils have weaknesses and then tailors her time around such issues, to the benefit of the whole class.  I can honestly say that during my weekly sessions I always learn something new to help with my practice”.

– Sam, Senior Transitions Analyst


Berenice is a very considerate instructor offering focussed and relaxing yoga classes

– Rob, Analyst